My new ghost? I shall name her Mabel.

It’s quite possible we have a ghost in the new place. We have settled down, (details in a future post) and today I am alone here for the first time. Love the peace and quiet. I was just sitting down to resurrect the blog I have neglected over the past few hectic months having put on one of my favorite records, “The Great Band Era”. Glenn Miller, Earl Hines, Hal McIntyre, Sammy Kaye, you know, all the good ones circa 1944. I love the sound of old records. Scratchy, tinny and original. Like the times and people of the past, it can’t be reproduced today. (With the exception of one band that hits it darn close, but I’ll get to that later.) So anyway, I was sitting here listening and the hair on the back of my neck raises. I get a shiver that runs through my whole body leaving electric tingles. Almost simultaneously, I feel as if someone has entered the room. I could feel it the same as I feel my husband or son enter the room and I have heightened paranoia about that because I’m weird in the way that I can’t have anyone looking over my shoulder when I write. So my radar goes off whenever anyone is around. Trouble is, as I said, I was home alone. I got the deep-rooted feeling that someone was looking right at me. And my mind flashes back to when we first bought this place and the elderly woman across the street came over to welcome us. She went on politely in a slurred, dementia filled ramble and I could tell she was quite lonely. She talked about the people who lived here before and had good words for them. And the old couple that lived here before that. Then she became quite lucid, looked me in the eye and said, “She died here, you know. Right in that back room.” Oh. Crap. My sister, who was here helping me with some of the demo work, went into crisis management mode, knowing how I am about such things. Thank heavens she works with mentally unstable people and knew exactly what to do! I’m a big friggin’ chicken and the hyperventilation started promptly. The older lady finally went home without dispensing any further wonderful news and I started trying to figure out how I was going to live here knowing that. Having no other home, I had to suck it up and much to my relief, all has been quiet. No paranormal activity, no things misplaced or strange noises in the night. I thought, “Good. She’s moved on.” After all, not all who die hang around. But then today I put on the old music and suddenly I feel something, as strongly as I’d feel a living, breathing human and I wasn’t afraid. That is very unlike me, who beats feet out of a room before I bother to find out what a noise or shadow was. I wasn’t scared. I had the detached thought that the music must have attracted her. I turned very slowly and looked at the living room entry where the feeling was coming from. Nothing. No shadow or apparition. The feeling left instantly as well. Electricity disappeared and raised hairs fell. So, if we don’t have a full time ghost, I think I have someone returning to enjoy the music. At least she has good taste. I think I’ll name her Mabel.

Oh, and the band I mentioned earlier is “Boy and Bean” I lived in the Pacific Northwest all those years and never got down to Oregon to see them, but I’d still love to manage a show sometime. I donated to them on Kickstarter to help get their first album off and running. Great sound. Check them out and tell them MLGardner sent you.

Boy and Bean

2 thoughts on “My new ghost? I shall name her Mabel.

  1. I think it is quite touching that you have named your ghost! We all experience something like this or either know someone who does. I think it is courageous of you to write about it.
    And just so you know, I enjoyed your books 1929 and 1930 SO MUCH!!! My grandparents lived in that era and what you have written helps me to understand them and their lives in a way I never have before! Thank you so much for writing these stories and bringing these characters to life! I can’t wait to read the next book! You are extremely talented and I purchased Short Stories and enjoyed it very much too! Please keep writing!

    • Thank you! I am working on Drifter and 1931 now. It is tremendous fun and brings me alot of happiness. Feel free to friend me on FB as I a more active with updates there.Thank you for reading!

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