The Easter Bunny doesn’t carry bling.


My son was looking at the calendar and getting excited about Easter. It’s the only holiday that they get to start eating candy from the minute they get up. I, err- the Easter Bunny, keeps it pretty simple. I buy nice baskets from the second-hand store and decorate them with ribbons and things, colors and styles that suit each son. (And a pink one that I’ll have to send off this year to the oldest in college.) I put in a traditional treat that they always get (a peanut butter egg with their name written on it) and the rest is just stuff I  know they will love and will cost me a fortune in dental bills in six months. It’s all part of the experience.

This year my youngest son knows the deal with the bunny and the fairy and the fat man in the suit. So they have started putting in ‘requests’. This year they want the Easter Bunny to bring a PS3. When I finished laughing, I said, “Sure. And maybe he’ll leave something from Waterford for me and a Rolex for your Father.”

I would have never dreamed of asking for such grand things from the bunny, the fat man or the Great Pumpkin. But times have changed. Kids have changed. Holidays and entertainment has changed. I told them that this year the Bunny would leave the traditional fare and after dinner we would sit and listen to some radio shows. (If I can get them to sit still and not twitch the entire time from the sugar high) Not too surprisingly, they liked the idea. My kids like old radio shows IF there is nothing else to do. I introduced them to the old shows a few years ago and they thought they were lame. They challenged me to find something that would even remotely scare them. I did (an episode of The Shadow) and now they don’t mind them so much.

Here’s the site I use on those wonderful nights when we turn off anything electronic, (even lights) and sit together using our imagination. It’s free, clean for all ages (real little ones that are still using their imagination to its fullest capacity might get frightened) but it really does make for a nice evening. We came to know it as “Candle night” because we turn off all the lights and light the room up with candles while we listen. Just another way I try to make right now ‘The good old days’.

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