Keeping it alive



I came across Misty on YouTube  about a year ago. I have watched nearly all of her videos and her way of life has been an inspiration to me and thousands of others across America. I am fascinated and somewhat envious of the simplicity, frugality and humility of this energetic woman! I find myself stuck between wanting to drink from a mason jar and a Waterford goblet. Between making handmade dresses and wearing a red-carpet gown. Stuck between this time and that. She lives in that time and no matter how beautiful the goblet or how shiny the dress, I’m drawn to that time just a little more. And I have to admit, I’ve used her videos a lot to describe scenes and actions on Caleb’s farm. I’ve never milked a cow or butchered a chicken and her videos give me a visual to work with. (There were no chickens killed in the writing of 1929) 😉

The Muse and I actually made her homemade cough syrup. I renamed it “Kentucky CureAll, since my grandma was born in Haymond, Kentucky and I imagine this is similar to what her family might have used when they were sick. It certainly reminds me of how her family must have lived tucked up in the woods. These are skills that are dying with the last of the generation that survived the Great Depression. I am so happy to see someone teaching them to others and keeping them alive.

You can find Misty on Youtube and Facebook.

9 thoughts on “Keeping it alive

  1. Misty sent me here to read what you featured her in today. I gotta say, I have in the past few years felt the way you do. Drinking from a mason jar or a elegant goblet. Cooking with an electric stove or on my wood cookstove. Heating water in a water heater or on the cook stove. Canning or eating vegies and fruits from a store bought can. and I could go on.
    I have to admit Misty and mountainman and their family hav ebeen a great inspiration to me. This past year I have cooked on the wood stove and made pies and such in the oven. Heated water in the resavior ( can’t spell this one right aging moment) and have canned and dehydtated food till I ran out of food to do so. And wow the money I have saved. So I have to agree with you thisis a great you tube channel to watch. also she is on facebook. Have a great day!

    • I have learned alot from Misty. We spent five months RVing as full timers and did alot of the above as daily life. (laundry on a washboard and everything.) Hard, but there was a peacefullness living like. 🙂 .

    • Isn’t it though? We had considered taking off into the Alaskan wilderness (with a solar laptop charger and Misty’s collection of videos on a thumb drive as reference.) Not the best move for our kids right now, but me and the hubby still dream of the day we can take off and take it down to real simple.

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