Jessica Zeedyk , Owner and Artisan of Hand Painted Glassware by Jessica


I hand paint glassware, mostly wine glasses, creating one of a kind custom orders and designs. Currently I am filling mostly wedding occasion glasses. I have a wide range of designs and I can accommodate most orders, I usually have people send me a photo and I make it my own by mostly free handing the image and adding different design aspects.

I started the business October 2011, selling wholesale to a local gift shop that found me on etsy. I filled orders through the shop as well as consigned my own designs. I have been selling on etsy since starting as well, but things really started to pick up when I added the custom wedding glasses. Now I sell mostly through etsy, through my facebook page , the occasional craft fair and to friends and family.

I have been a stay at home mom since I was pregnant with my son and first child (now 7). Then after my second (now 4) was a little over three years old and more independent, I was looking for ways to contribute to my family income, while still being able to stay home. My favorite thing about it is the flexibility, I can set my own schedule and I don’t have to miss my kids getting out of school, enjoying their summers with them, that mid-day conference, etc. I feel like i have the ability to fulfill my need to be creative and contribute and still be there for my kids and my family.
You can find my work on Etsy
and can email me directly at
Find me on facebook too!

Advice to other moms who want to work from home-
I would say don’t give up to easily, there are lots of talented businesses out there so it is often hard to make things happen, be patient. I have been at it for over a year and things are just now picking up for me. Utilize social media and make sure you do something you really love doing because if it does take off you want to be stuck doing something you love to do! Another thing, and probably my own biggest struggle, be confident and be proud of what you put out there!

2 thoughts on “Jessica Zeedyk , Owner and Artisan of Hand Painted Glassware by Jessica

  1. Well said, Jess! I have always tried my hardest to support moms who start their own businesses, because I know how important it is to maintain a little piece of yourself while being the best Mom you can be! Congratulations on your success!

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