Truthful Tuesday. What you can expect.


I must have a focus and direction for this blog or else it will sit blank and useless. I have been there and done that. In playing around with a few ideas I have come up with a schedule of sorts. Just to narrow it down so I don’t wake up each morning and wonder what the heck I’m going to write about. At first I was going to keep it to myself on a calendar to stay organized. But then I thought I should share it with readers so they can know what to expect. My goal is to create content everyday that leaves readers with the feeling that they got something out of two minutes they spent here. Here’s what I came up with.
Momprenuer Monday– Online shopping changed for me when I found Etsy. I love this site. I love talking to the moms/women that make things and decided that I wanted to give one blog day a week to them, showcasing the lovely things they make. I post it to fb, twitter and pintrest on a board just for them.
Truthful Tuesday This is where I let people get to know me a little more. I’ve decided to push myself to talk about things that I’d normally be reserved to talk about to a global audience of strangers. Things I’d normally only talk to my best friends about. No matter what the topic you can count on me to be 100% truthful.
Wordsmith Wednesday Here’s where I bring you a blog that I found interesting, helpful or entertaining. Go on over and show them some love.
Theatre Thursday Since it’s truthful Tuesday, I’ll be honest that this is almost like a day off for me. I will post something visual or a piece of audio relating to the twenties, thirties or great depression. I love video reels from that time and the music takes you to another place.
Frugal Friday This will be a day for anything that relates to frugality in what I believe is this generations Great Depression. Links to websites, frugal recipes, helpful tips, that sort of thing.
Sneak Peek Saturday For those who want a peek into 1930, I will post small peeks from the first draft starting this Saturday.
Sunday Family Day I won’t post on Sunday. It’s a family day for us and as busy as my life is getting, I need to keep that tradition.

So, there’s what you can expect from me. I hope you’ll enjoy it and share with your friends!

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