Social Media Part Three, Liking on fb

Part Three: Liking on Facebook

I’m a little stingy with my likes. It goes along with my principle of always being real and if I don’t genuinely like something, I won’t hit the button. I know people who spend enough money to keep me in mocha’s for a week to promote their page, trying to attain a bazillion likes. Sitting back and observing, I’ve come to this conclusion. I think people use these ‘likes’ to validate themselves and their work. If it can get a thousand likes or two thousand even, they are a ‘real’ writer. They are successful. They have arrived. I don’t see it that way. And for the average Independent writer, I rarely see a connection between likes and sales.

At one time I ‘liked’ freely and generously. When I cleaned up my facebook profile, striving for quality, I went through my list of likes. There were hundreds of them and I didn’t remember liking 99% of these pages. Hitting ‘like’ didn’t make me buy the product, interact on the fanpage, learn anything about the creator of the page or meet others through similar interest. Any marketing gurus reading this are probably freaking out at this point. I’m not saying fanpages are useless. I have just spent a good amount of time looking beyond the number of likes and I don’t see enough to impress me. Something might have a thousand likes but no real interaction on the page. That was the exact picture of my fanpage and so, I deleted it. One less thing to worry about on my digital checklist.

A writer friend asked if I get rid of my like page, how will I know if people like my books?

I honestly did a double take. Seriously? I’ll know from emails and friend requests. Twitter follows and messages. Sales are generally a good indicator as well.

I went through my list of likes and unliked anything that I didn’t truly like. (I’m really getting sick of the work Like at this point. Are you?) Doing this keeps me true to my principle of being real, quality over quantity and living honestly. When you go to my facebook page and look at my likes, you can be assured that everything on my like list I genuinely have an opinion about.

When I got caught up in my own fanpage and chasing ‘likes’ I realized I was missing out on real interactions with people who genuinely might like what I have to offer. And those relationships have the potential to last longer than the time it takes to click a button.

Tomorrow, Part Four: Tweets

One thought on “Social Media Part Three, Liking on fb

  1. Over the years, I have liked a lot of pages, though many have gone by the wayside – they don’t interact with there likers, they don’t post interesting or engaging content, or they talk of nothing but themselves (which usually gets me to unlike). I think I might have to clean out my likes, too. I don’t think I have more than 80 or so likes on my fan page, and I don’t take much notice of the numbers or stats. I just share what I find helpful or significant and hope others find it so.

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