Social Media, Part Four: It’s not all about the numbers. A personal perspective

Part Four: Tweets

Twitter has a potential reach of millions. It’s a broadcasting platform beyond imagination and everything you put out should have meaning. After all, the whole world can see it and the government will keep it forever J So, send your tweets wisely. I use 80% of my time on twitter sharing other people’s work and news. Being, in my mind, a more business environment, I plug my own work once or twice a day, all my blog posts automatically tweet and now and then I’ll throw something out there about how it’s noon, I’m still in my robe, writing, eating Cheetos. I know someone out there can relate. Frankly, I live the boring writer’s life and while I wouldn’t trade it for the world, I don’t have spectacular, glamorous things to tweet about. Unless you want to see pictures of my cats all day long. Ravishing creatures.
Re-tweeting on twitter is like holding the door open for someone. It’s polite and you can make contact without really saying a word. Hopefully words and relationships follow, but not always. Even if they don’t, it’s the majority of what I do on twitter. I don’t use it to broadcast the hard sell of my work. I hold the door open for others and hope that they do the same for me. It’s also a great way to find helpful articles, links groups and blogs and pass those on to your followers.
I don’t mass post. At first glance, a person who posts (or schedules posts) every ten minutes looks like a twitter god or goddess. A master of the twitterverse. Not to me. I see those profiles as having a bit of ADD. And usually, the posting reflects that. They post about everything all day every day and I have to wonder if they check the content of what they are posting, or posting just to be listed as one of the most active tweeters out there. An example? I once looked into the profile of someone I was considering following. Lots of followers, very active on twitter, retweeted a lot, so far so good. Then I looked at their tweets and found back to back promotions that raised an eyebrow. One for a Christian novel. The next, a triple X erotica new release. Now, I’m all about giving your audience choices and I don’t judge what people read. But I want to follow people who know what they stand for and their tweets reflect that. This person was all over the place, tweeting about everything and everyone, constantly. I wanted to send them some digital Ritalin. I understand that it was an attempt to gain as much visibility as possible. And maybe that works for some. I chose not to do it and prefer not to follow people who do. Even though this person would probably retweet me for simply following them, I don’t know that I want that tweet showing up next to a glowing review of “Her Heaving Bosom.” My goal is to achieve variety without being spastic. It’s an art.

It takes time—not a lot, but enough to matter—when choosing what to retweet. But I feel it’s worth your time. Time is money. How are you spending yours?
Tomorrow, Part Five: Reviews

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