How things are shaping up

After one of the most productive plotting visits ever, I have a clear roadmap for the rest of the year and it looks to be a busy one. Things that were hazy are now much more clear. Like Elizabeth’s re-release. The worry was, flying off with a floater series (as we’ve come to call it) in another genre would lose readers. I needed to realize that while it might put off some, it might attract others. In any case, they have a choice. Drifter, for instance, is in more of a mystery genre. Half is written in a style similar to 1929 and half is written in more of a noir style with detective Sloan. It’s gritty and dark and different. The beauty of books that branch off of the original is that it invites a whole new set of readers, and expands the vision of current readers. My goal is to surround the 1929 series with other books, (and perhaps more than one floater series) in many other genres. And I have more freedom as a writer to try out different styles and give new characters a unique voice that the constraints of 1929 won’t allow.
I imagine it like this. 1929 is a big bubble in the middle of the room. But the room is full of smaller bubbles that touch the edge of 1929, some more than others, and when you step back, it makes this gigantic picture of intertwined lives, stories and events. Some are visible to the central characters and some go on without their ever knowing or being affected. As each new character pops their head up and asks to be included, (though usually they demand) I realize they each have a back story. Like Victor. He may have a much darker past than we realized. Muzzy, introduced in 1930, could be alot of fun. And others, like the children in 1929 and 1930 that have terrific stories waiting to be told as they come of age in the midst of WW2. If I were to make a list of all the possibilities, I’d probably get overwhelmed. Which is why we decided to tuck away all the potential stories for now and concentrate on this calendar year, while mapping out the long term mentally.
The immediate project at hand is Drifter, which is 1/4 finished. After that, it depends on who’s talking. What I have slated to finish before New Years is Drifter, 1931 and one of the couples prequels. Two other projects I would like to work on when no one from the Depression is talking is Simply Mine from Jake’s POV and Sayan Knights (nothing to do with mid-evil times. It’s futuristic, actually.) Two that have been bugging me for a long time. All in all, it’s shaping up to be a very busy year indeed. And that’s just fine with me.

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