Name That Book! Giveaway

Dear Readers,

I am currently working on several projects, as always, but one really has taken center stage. Originally I was going to do a Christmas Novella Special with our beloved characters in Rockport and have it be a complete surprise, simply announcing it one day in November. I am still working diligently on the Christmas Special but I decided to hold a contest for readers to give them the opportunity to select a name for the novella in progress.

Let me tell you a little about it as you ponder a fitting name.
It takes place in Rockport, of course, with all the cast you have come to know and love. Jonathan and Ava, Caleb and Arianna, Aryl and Claire and of course, Maura and Ian. The special thing about this novella is that it takes place post series. I’ve jumped in time to December 18th, 1933. Two years after the finale of the series, 1931. (Yes, yes, I’m working on that one, too!)

It’s a heartwarming tale of all these couples who struggle and strive to give each other something for Christmas despite a lack of resources and having promised each other they would focus only on the children. Which means there’s a lot of sneaking around involved!

You will get to see Jac, Amy, Samuel and Savrene a little older and growing more independent. Plus two surprise additions to certain families! (Although strangely, no one is currently pregnant.)

While the cast of the 29 series has grown considerably, I am focusing on these original couples, allowing us to peek in and spend time with them for the Christmas holiday.

So put your thinking caps on and enter our contest to name this novella. You will receive a special thank you in the front pages of the ebook, a phone call from me, thanking you personally and a free copy of the Christmas Novella the day before the rest of the world.

M.L. Gardner

The Giveaway will run now through October 25th.

Click here to enter.

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