Free-For-All Friday: Artist Thomas Philbrook

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We’re pleased as punch to introduce you to artist Thomas Philbrook, a resident of Rockport, MA which, as most of you know, is  the setting for the majority of M.L. Gardner’s 1929 Series. And to top it off, many of Philbrook’s images portray Rockport in all sorts of bold and colorful, unusual ways. With an offbeat perspective, this photographer, illustrator and graphic designer takes his photographs to fantastical levels and creates gorgeous, inspiring, and thought-provoking digital fine art. Please, please, please check out his website here, and see his images for yourself. Go ahead, and do it now.  We’ll wait for you………… Did you see them?  They’re quite spectacular, aren’t they?  Okay, now you may continue to read more about the talented Thomas Philbrook.

What is your name?

Thomas A Philbrook (Tom)

Describe your products.

On Etsy I sell blank notecard versions of the photo-based digital images I create.


How and why did you open an Etsy store? Is your Etsy shop your full time job?

I started my Etsy store principally as a promotional vehicle for my images which I sell in a couple shops here in beautiful Rockport Massachusetts. And “nope” – my Etsy shop is not a full time job. I split my time between pursuing my own picture-making and working part-time as a graphic designer/illustrator – a profession I’ve had for the past 35 years.

What inspires you?

In addition to a number of favorite artists, my inspiration comes from the natural world around us — its diversity, beauty and spirituality. Also lately, I’ve enjoyed introducing whimsy into my landscapes by incorporating toys and images evocative of childhood. The creation of my images is a combo-deal, employing cameras, computer equipment, and my imagination. As I’ve already said, I’ve a deep regard for nature and my pictures reflect this. I’m especially fond of zeroing in on — and sometimes tweaking — that which goes unnoticed by the casual observer. By studying nature at a more intimate level, I might try to draw your attention to some of the more unique qualities of the wondrous world around us. The computer allows me to tinker and play with pictures, taking the viewer on a walk through a newly ‘conjured-up’ world.

Describe a typical day.

A typical day usually begins around 5:00am. If it’s light enough, I’ll grab my camera and head outdoors for a walkabout for an hour or so. After that, if I have a “real job” commitment that day I’ll stick my nose in front of a Mac computer churning out whatever graphic design challenge is queued up. But my preferred day would be one spent ‘beginning’ or ‘working on’ or ‘finalizing’ one of my own creations. As with the real job, this sort of day also involves being plopped in front of a Mac for the day. It’s where the magic happens.

What are 3 fun things we should know about you?

1. I could eat Italian food seven nights a week. 2. I’m a world-class bench-sitter. 3. I have a pumpkin stem collection.

What advice would you give to others beginning their own businesses?

Only pay attention to about half of what people advise you about. Follow your heart first and foremost.

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If you are visiting Rockport Massachusetts, please visit the Rockport Art Association and the Toad Hall Bookstore where I – and others more talented than myself – have work on display. I hope my work will find an audience who enjoys it as much as I enjoy making it. Thank you!

2 thoughts on “Free-For-All Friday: Artist Thomas Philbrook

  1. I’ve known Tom since our days together at MassArt in the late 70s. “Talented” is an understatement when describing Mr. Philbrook!

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