Music Monday: Musician Kaela Sinclair

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She’s a musical dream. The melodies, the lyrics, the vocals, and many of the instrumentals are all her own. Meet Kaela Sinclair, a 23 year old indie musician from Denton, Texas who is making tidal waves in the industry. Kaela infuses her tracks with depth and layers yet still manages to exude a restorative simplicity. I think you readers will appreciate this unique sound so much that you’ll feel you can literally inhale it deep into your lungs like a breath of fresh air.  Enjoy.

What is your name?

Kaela Sinclair

Describe your music style to our readers.

My music has been described as alternative indie pop with a cinematic, dreamy quality. I like to think that my songs lay in the happy place between mainstream and underground music. I enjoy writing complex chord progressions, but I think melodies should be natural and easy to grab onto. My lyrical style tends to be introspective and sometimes philosophical, but relationships and romantic endeavors certainly find their way into my songs as well.

How and why did you become a musician? Are you full-time?

I am a full-time musician. When I’m not writing, recording, or performing my original music, I’m teaching private music lessons and doing all sorts of paying gigs in a variety of styles. I’ve been playing music since a very young age. My parents tell me I started singing around the same time I started talking. A few years later, I started learning piano on an old upright we had in the house, and I started writing songs shortly after that. I’ve come a long way since then, having put in years of musical training and study.

What inspires you?

I’m very inspired by the works of other musicians. I’m particularly fond of Impressionist and Romantic classical music. The piano music of Debussy and Chopin always makes me want to write. I also listen to a lot of modern bands and singers. There are too many to name in full, but my current favorites are Poliça, Local Natives, Oh Land, and Bombay Bicycle Club. Of course, I’m inspired by real life experiences too – good and bad, personal and universal.

Describe a typical day.

On a typical day, I wake up later than most people (to my credit, musicians’ schedules tend to be shifted much later). I get up, work on emails, and run errands. If it’s a weekday I drive to work around 3pm and get home around 9pm or 10pm. I teach private music lessons, mostly to kids. I teach voice, piano, guitar, songwriting, and music theory. Nighttime is my creative time. That’s when I practice, write, and continue to take care of what I call “business chores” (emails, social media, booking, etc.) Sometime after midnight I might do something relaxing like listen to music, watch TV, or read a book. On the weekend (Thursday, Friday, Saturday) I am typically performing music somewhere in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex. The gigs can start around 8 or 9pm, and can end as late as 3am. My life is really busy, but I’m so glad I get to make my living doing music.

What are 3 fun things we should know about you?

I was homeschooled for a long time. A lot of my early childhood was spent hanging out with my Mom and my brothers. I credit homeschool with my love of reading. It might have also contributed to some of the social awkwardness I exhibited in high school, but hey, who wasn’t a little awkward in high school? Speaking of reading, I’m almost finished with the very long Game of Thrones book series. It’s thousands of pages of fantastical, grown-up fun. I love it. I also love lemons. I mean, I LOVE lemons. I eat them by themselves and I put lemon juice on everything. Oh, and I’m left-handed!

What advice would you give to other musicians?

Practice. Practice hard. Spend time learning the ins and outs of your instrument and of the theory of music. Don’t stop. I’ve already seen a lot of talented musicians quit music and take day jobs in unrelated fields. If having a family is a priority, that’s fine, but if you want to have a musical career, you have to keep going. It’s not the quickest or the surest road to financial security, so you have to really be okay with some shaky times, but it’s worth it if you love it!

Connect With Her

There are many ways to stay updated on my music! For shows, news, music, videos, and other updates ‘like’ me on Facebook and ‘follow’ me on Twitter! Download my brand new album on Bandcamp and iTunes.





Listen and Download 

My debut LP, Sun & Mirror, was released October 8th. It was produced by myself and drummer McKenzie Smith (Midlake, St. Vincent, Regina Spektor, Sarah Jaffe) at Redwood Studios in Denton, TX. It was called “…one of the best albums to emerge from the DFW area thus far in 2013.” by You can hear the album and purchase it at and on iTunes!

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