Writer Wednesday: Author Tracey Deming, Founder of RoM Relief


1379473_10202179423357635_1463831534_nAuthor Tracey Deming, Founder of RoM Relief

M.L. Gardner staunchly supports special causes. For this reason, she’s delighted to introduce you to today’s Writer Wednesday featuring Author Tracey Deming and her non-profit group, RoM Relief.  Tracey and her team of authors, editors, and book designers/marketers from around the world have combined forces to produce, “Winds of Change,” a book benefiting Oklahoma storm damage victims. Please purchase the book here, and help Oklahoma residents get back on their feet.

What is RoM Relief? What inspired you to begin this non-profit?

RoM Relief is short for Realm of Meard Relief. I created Realm of Meard many eons ago when I began my writing career. The Realm of Meard is the world from which I write, it is where all my hopes and dreams have been born and where all things impossible become reality. When faced with the need to establish a non-profit venture to facilitate self-publishing book collections and other fundraising opportunities, it only made sense to me to name it after my world of dreams where everything is possible. I live in Oklahoma, and when devastation hit my state, my town, and my immediate community, I felt driven to do something. I wanted to put together a simple collection of stories, and publish online to raise funds for my neighbors, but over the course of several months I learned how NOT simple a task that would be.

What is your latest project with RoM Relief?

Our first project that inspired and created the need for RoM Relief is “Winds of Change,” a collection of fantasy short stories from authors all over the world.


From Realms of Fantasy spring hearts of gold, as Authors across the world bring you a sampling of short stories to raise funds for Oklahoma Storm Victims. Within these pages, you will find Vampires and their Hunters, Dragons, Elves and Mutants, Twists and Turns of Fate, as well as stories of Love, Destiny, and Childhood lost.

Presented by Realm of Meard © Relief Charity Publishing, we invite you to share a glimpse of our worlds, in order to become the Winds of Change for our devastated community members.” Authors Inside Include:

Mandi Bean, Brielle C., Pete Clark, Tara Clark, Sarah Daltry, Lexi Delouvre, Tracey Deming, William D Dickerson, Lara Henley, William Lloyd Jenkins, Sara Marion, Sarah Menary, Michael Mounts, Simon Parker, Tania Penn, Jack Phillips, Cindy Ponds-Newell, Vivian K Smith, and Ron Stelle.

Editing services by Literary Editor Rogena Mitchell-Jones and Karen Jones of Rogena Mitchell-Jones Manuscript Services at www.rogenamitchell.com.

Cover and Design by www.bookdesignsbydee.com. Marketing and Promotional package by Janel Kane with www.puddingtane.com.

What specifically will the proceeds from “Winds of Change” buy?

Gift cards to be distributed to families affected by the severe storm damage in Oklahoma. While the government and large charity organizations help with the initial devastation and provide grants for rebuilding, families still need help meeting their everyday needs. When your entire home is scrubbed to the foundation, and all you have left is your life, it takes a tremendous amount of time and help to rebuild just the essentials.

Where can readers go if they wish to donate additional money to RoM Relief? Are there other ways they can help?

We have a PayPal account set up under ReliefFund@realmofmeard.com for additional donations. Local fundraising events will be announced on the official Facebook page for RoM Relief @ www.facebook.com/RoMRelief. In addition to donating money, or buying our project book collections, people can help spread the word about the books on their social media pages. We understand that not everyone has money to give, that is the reason that drove me to put together “Winds of Change”. I wanted a way to use my talents as an author to help those in need in my community.

What is the hardest and most joyful thing about putting together a collection of short stories with other authors?

The hardest thing is sorting through the submissions and rejecting the few that just wouldn’t fit with our collection. The most joyful thing was seeing what a large response to the collection there was. I had responses from the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, India, Africa, as well as nationwide in the United States. The willingness of people to donate their time and hard work to this project has humbled me beyond words. The people working on this project are truly a testament of the human spirit, and I look forward to creating many more collections in the future.

What advice would you give to others wishing to start a non-profit?

Research, research, research. When I first had the idea of the book collection I had no idea of the legal hoops and hurdles that came along with it. I was just a person wanting to help others, now I am an Author, Publisher, and Business Entrepreneur forged in the fires of necessity. Non-profits are a labor of love, expect to work longer, harder, and more than you ever would for a regular 9-5 gig. Be positive, keep your goal always at the forefront of your mind, do not give up. Don’t be afraid to seek assistance.

How can our readers contact you? email, Facebook, Twitter, blog

tracey@traceydeming.com is my professional email address. ReliefFund@realmofmeard.com is also available for contact and PayPal purposes. www.facebook.com/Tracey.R.Deming is my personal FB page and I do accept friend requests from other authors and readers for networking purposes, I just ask that they send a quick message with their request so I know who and why they are requesting me to friend them. www.facebook.com/RoMRelief for the charity page, www.facebook.com/RealmofMeard for fans of my personal novels, https://twitter.com/RealmofMeard is connected to FB RoM page and will also post updates. My forums are connected to my webpage at www.TraceyDeming.com, where authors and readers alike are encouraged to register and post their details.

Feel free to add anything about yourself, your books, your non-profit, etc.

Writing to me is like taking the sexiest, strangest, most powerful beings you can dream up, then scramble their heart and minds as horribly as you can possibly imagine, just to watch them come to life and surprise even me with their spirit and determination. I think I enjoy discovering the plot more than the readers do.

My first published material, “Ravenfire” will be included in the first book from RoM Relief Charity Publishing, “Winds of Change” I am currently working on my novel “Oath Keepers” which I will be splitting into three novella sections for online publication. The first of the series will be: Oath Keepers: Journey Bound, followed by Oath Keepers: Journey Lost, and Oath Keepers: Journey’s Oath. I expect the first one to be available by end of 2013 or early 2014. For updates please refer to my contact pages.

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