Music Monday: Annika


She’s an extremely intelligent, hardworking, multi-talented woman.  She’s the most determined and creative individual you’ll ever meet. Her name is Annika, and she’s a beautiful R&B/Pop artist that simply oozes the “it” factor elevating her miles above her competition.  Just wait until you hear her sing.  And boy, can she sing!  I’ve had the pleasure of hearing several live performances and never tire of the smooth and sultry undertones of her rich voice. Please give your undivided attention and your ears to our guest, Annika.

Describe your music style to our readers.

I am an R&B/Pop artist. A lot of the music for my current project is slow or mid-tempo. I love to go in the studio and create something people can just chill and groove to. My music is very melodic. If you listen closely you will hear how layered and textured my vocals are on each record.

How and why did you become a musician? Are you full-time?

I became a musician because it is a talent, a dream, and something I love. I am passionate about making music and entertaining. I began dancing when I was 9. The singing was inevitable. I began recording in college. I walked past a young producer named Ennis Newman playing a keyboard in the communication and fine arts building at the University of Memphis. The rest is history. I am not a full time musician. I am an independent artist and I perform mostly on the east coast. Social media has been instrumental in my ability to promote my music worldwide.

What inspires you?

My biggest source of inspiration comes from my family and friends. How can you disappoint people who love and support you unconditionally? They make me strive to be greater. Great artists like Alicia Keys and Robin Thicke are my musical inspiration.

What are 5 items you wouldn’t leave home without?

iPhone, Phone Charger, Favorite Scarf, Purse, Positive Attitude

Describe a typical day.

My daily life cycle changes every 3 to 4 months so here is a typical day for me at this present moment in time. I wake up and check my eHarmony matches. (LOL love is important too) I head to work while answering emails and tweeting. (shhh only at the red lights, don’t tell anyone) I work from 8am-5pm in an office. Throughout the day I continuously answer event planning and music related emails, tweet, Facebook, etc. (gotta stay up on your social media) I come home and change clothes before heading to the gym or dance class. I return home to my laptop to send emails I may not have been able to send earlier at work. I eat dinner or drink a protein shake. I take 30 minutes to practice my vocals. I watch some TV, organize my calendar on my iPhone, shower, say my prayers, then watch Family Guy, South Park or Golden Girls before going to bed.

What are your fondest musical memories?

I’ve had the opportunity to open for a few really great R&B artists so I am extremely proud of that, but the moment I am most proud of is right now. It has been a long road to completion of this project and it is a great feeling to have the completed work available for others to enjoy.

What advice would you give to other musicians?

Surround yourself with experienced people doing what you want to do, but on a higher level than you. Pick their brain. Most importantly support other artists. Don’t be so self consumed that you don’t pay attention to what’s going on around you. Respect the work that others like you are putting into the business. Also, don’t ever give up! Especially if it’s something you enjoy doing…don’t ever let the craziness stop you from enjoying your art.

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My EP (I’m In Love with SAM) will be available on iTunes December 2013.

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