Free-For-All Friday: Reader Pauline Crawford


Pauline Crawford

We’ve turned the spotlight onto the most important people we know……M.L. Gardner’s readers. One Friday a month, we’ll highlight one of you. You’ll have the opportunity to tell us all about yourself, your family, your passions, your dreams, whatever you want to share. You readers are the V.I.P’s, and we appreciate your support so very much. Please welcome, our very first M.L. Gardner reader feature, Pauline Crawford!

What is your name?

Pauline Crawford

Where are you from?

I was born in Biddeford, Maine. Shortly after we moved to Saco, then Arundel, Acton, Madawaska and finally Crawford Maine. I am a Mainer and love this state from the area wildness of it to the ocean. The changing weather is phenomenal and I do love the 4 seasons.

Tell us about your family.

Dad and Mom were very creative people. They were great parents and we did a lot of family things. Mom was an awesome cook and her crafts were original and beautiful. Dad liked woodworking and made a lot of things for the house. His pride was the 7 piece circus birdhouses that he made and I painted for him. I have a younger sister who has a daughter and 2 grandchildren. I had 4 children but my youngest son died at 11 years old. I have another son who is the eldest, an older daughter and a younger daughter. This way there was no “middle child” lol. I have 2 grandchildren of my own, and inherited 8 more (my husbands) and 3 great grandchildren. We have a Malti-poo named Waggedy-Anne and she is a very smart and lovable small dog.

Are you employed, retired, stay-at-home parent, etc.? What’s your status and what do you do?

My husband and I are retired but we do stay busy. We have an old lodge that we putter around in. It was a lodge when we bought it 10 years ago before we retired. Now, it’s home. It is very quiet and private and we love it. He has his food garden and I am struggling with flowers. We cut and stack the wood in a wood shed that Ron made from his lumber mill out back. We have wood and gas heat and a gas fireplace in the living room. We do a lot of fishing on the lake. There are many days when see one or two boats out there. Usually we see no one on the total 4000 acres of lakes . We enjoy hunting and fishing, playing Canasta on rainy or snowy days and just hanging out. We decorate at Christmas and just love our life here.

What are your hobbies?

I have many crafts that I love to do. I do enjoy a good book and Ms Gardner by far is the best I have ever read. I have others that I like a lot but nothing compared to the “1929” series. I love to design knitted or crocheted afghans, sweaters, hats and mittens. I have made many that I designed. I love to paint, sew, and cross-stitch. I tried writing in college and am not very good at it (lol) but it was fun. I love cooking and had over a thousand cookbooks at one time but I ended up getting rid of a lot of them before we moved to the lodge. We lived in a smaller place before so I had no room.

Describe a typical day.

This is hard as I have no “typical day”. I never know what the day will bring but I greet it with enthusiasm (sometimes). I do my daily cleaning, cook some sort of invention (on occasion) make bread or think of things to make (crafts). I just keep busy until suppertime. Then we watch the news and I do crafts while we watch television. The 3 of us do enjoy walking to the mailbox together. Sometimes we go out back and pick wild blackberries, raspberries, or blueberries when in season.

What are 3 fun things we should know about you?

I like to play family games. I enjoy getting ready and decorating for Christmas. I really enjoy surprising people for no reason at all.

How did you discover M.L. Gardner?

My youngest daughter Bonnie sent me the book on a Kindle that she bought me for Mother’s Day. She told me about a book (1929) she was reading by Ms. Gardner. I said it sounded interesting. She loaned it to me on the Kindle and I ended up buying my own copy and all of the other ones that followed. I mentioned to Bonnie about getting the hard copies and she suggested that I contact Ms. Gardner on Facebook to see if there were any plans to do that. I did and was very pleased that Ms. Gardner took the time to reply. I was even more impressed that she involved her readers in some ideas that she had and then listened and commented to them. To me, that spoke volumes of the kind of person she is. How can you not like someone who takes an interest in what you think when it is so obvious that she really doesn’t need help. Her stories are addicting and people can hardly wait for the next one to come out.

What inspires you?

A lot of things. Seeing the beautiful sunsets we have or watching the birds that we feed out our dining room window. Sometimes seeing the snow covered trees or some flowers bloom that I had completely forgotten that I planted. Walking the half mile walk down our roadway to the mailbox and stopping by the little brook to see minnows swim around. Trying to think of a surprise or of something that would make a person happy.

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