About Me

M.L. Gardner is an American author currently living in Northern Utah after spending a decade in the Pacific Northwest. Having grown up a Navy brat, she’s lived everywhere and considers no one place home. Gardner collects cats and dreams of opening a no kill shelter in her backyard where she can be surrounded by her feline friends all the time, despite their love of sitting on her keyboard.

She is married with three kids and four cats. She writes full time, living on cheese and Bing energy drinks.

Reading The 1929 Series in order:

1929 Jonathan’s Cross – Book One

Elizabeth’s Heart – Book Two

1930 Ary’ls Divide – Book Three

Drifter – Book Four

Here is what you can expect from the series in the (near) future.

A 1929 Christmas Special (Release date November 10th, 2013)

Purgatory Cove – Book Five

1931 Caleb’s Err – Book Six

Simon’s Watch – Book Seven

7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I have also finished “1929” and was sad to see the next book in the sequel is not out yet. Will you please give us an ETA on “1930”? You have many fans that are eagerly awaiting the novel.

  2. You are an amazing writer! I read 1929 and as soon as I had read the excerpt from 1930, I downloaded it from Amazon. I just finished it this morning and wanted to let you know the effect your writing has on me. I literally gasped aloud at some of the amazing and tragic events that occurred in the lives of these three couples. I feel as if I know them personally. I mourned their losses and cheered their victories. I eagerly await 1931. Thank you for following what is obviously a calling, using a God-given talent.

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